Café Japon/L'Esprit de Miyoko

Offering Authentic French Baked Goods since 2007


To those who have an enthusiasm and love for baking:

Miyoko had the pleasure of studying at the International Culinary Center (formally known as French Culinary Institute) and interning at Café Boulud and Bouley in New York.  Her desire to make “the best” baguette to ever land in Ann Arbor is what sparked her entry into the bakery/café business in Ann Arbor, MI back in 2007.  While this remained her primary objective, her passion for providing quality French/Asian fusion foods, breads and pastries to her customers also came to the forefront.  She served everything from the Japanese dish kaiseki to authentic French breads and pastries including croissants, cakes, and tarts made from scratch daily.  She had the opportunity to provide her baguette as well as her other French breads and pastries to high-end restaurants and to a local gourmet store in the Ann Arbor area.  She also provided catered luncheons to the Faculty at the University of Michigan Medical School.  As time went on, little morsels of L'Esprit de Miyoko could be found throughout Ann Arbor. 


Miyoko put nothing short of blood, sweat and tears into operating Café Japon for 5 years.  It all came to a head when her endless long days and nights finally took a toll on her physical body and rendered her unable to stand and walk.  She decided at that time that it was time to close the café.  After two years of recovery time, Miyoko decided to continue to perfect her craft.  She attended the French Pastry School of Chicago and L’Ecole de Stephane Glacier (MOF) in France. 


Prior to opening Café Japon, Miyoko worked for a company called Denso, which is the one of the largest and most established automotive component suppliers, for many years.  She was involved in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) which encompasses navigation systems, electronic toll collection systems and DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology.  She foresees that this technology will be used as the next generation safety system in motor vehicles to help deter car accidents.  


Today, Miyoko’s loyal customers and friends can find her delectable baked goods at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market and now on her website as well as in her various baking classes offered in her commercial kitchen in Ann Arbor.  While her focus was once to create the best baguette in Ann Arbor, she is now fascinated by French authentic chocolates, cakes, tarts, ice cream and confitures.  She also wants to share her knowledge with fellow baking enthusiasts. 


Thank you for visiting L'Esprit de Miyoko and we hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy one of our made-from-scratch French pastries offered on the website or in our commercial kitchen as a student in one of our many baking classes. 

Love and Happiness,

Miyoko Honma

Café Japon/L'Esprit de Miyoko